The company: Unisec

UNISEC was founded in Barcelona in 1984 to the service of the dry cleaning market. Since then, the company has been strengthened as a company leader in the commercialization and manufacture of high quality dry cleaning equipment.

In 1993 the company established his first production plant in China, in the city of Shenzhen.

With the engineering, components and a quality at the highest level of demand of European countries and the United States, since the establishment in the Asian country, UNISEC has experienced an enormous expansion at international level. Currently, UNISEC is present in many countries arround the world like, for example: United States, Russia, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Andorra, Portugal, England, Ireland, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, China, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Chile, UAE, Dubai, Angola, etc.

Work policy

The UNISEC’s work policy has been always the production of high quality equipment at extremely competitive prices.

UNISEC , has been pioneer in the production of dry cleaning machinery that includes the widest range of serial equipment (machines "Full Equip").

UNISEC manufactures all the machines in stainless steel , including solvent tanks, all piping and the outer cover of the drum, in addition to other components which are usually built with this material.

UNISEC provides all optional extras as serial equipment, mandatory in many countries.

In addition to the dry cleaning machines for Perchloroethylene, UNISEC currently have the widest range of dry cleaning equipment to work with the alternative solvents recommended in countries with the highest health, safety and environment standards (hyrdrocarbon silicones, K4…)

UNISEC works especially to produce machinery with a considerably more reduced energy consumption as well as in the development of systems to reduce water consumption and costs of production and maintenance of the equipment.


At present, the UNISEC’s production plant is located in Beijing, at 20 minutes of Beijing’s airport, with a built area of more than 8000 m².

In the European central of Barcelona it is made a direct and meticulous control of all the steps of the production process. This guarantees the highest quality in all our production.

Unisec has a wide network of specialist agents in most countries arround the world. .


C/Can Mitjans, nave 29
Polígono Industrial Polizur
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

Tel: +34  935 805 344 / 935 805 219 


No 89 Shun Ping Road
Nancai Town in Shunyi District
101300 Beijing, CHINA

Tel: +86 10 89476504 / 89476714
Fax: +86 1089470924

Introduction video

UNISEC USA occupies one of the leading positions in the ranking of sales in the U.S. market. The company have a magnificent facilities in Irvington (New Jersey)

The quality of the UNISEC equipment and the given service efficiency are highly appreciated by the professionals in the United States who fully trust in our equipment and professionalism.